About Us

Our story goes as far as seven years ago when I first moved to Canada. I was always planning to follow in my previous footsteps, to do what I know best. But my route completely changed and had to start my own business. I was a woman who could barely recognize the necessities of her own car, nevertheless, I began learning about trucks, every little detail embedded in both their cooling and heating systems. After spending almost twelve months reading and learning everything there was to know, I was ready to, officially, start working in this area professionally.

Throughout the years, we were, and still are, always driven to provide our customers with the best quality in both our products and services. QFP is the first company that started the technical online store and marketplace for all forms of truck parts, especially their heating and cooling systems. Now, It is finally our time to shine. Rather than being a seller or a buyer, our customers and the company will equally gain profit. By offering premium quality parts with the best supplier for Cooling and Heating System parts, our customers choose us because we promise Trust, Services, Quality, Options, and the Best-Selling Price.





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